Aim And Objectives

The primary aim of De Paul School is to help the children in their harmonious, all-round development-intellectual, physical, mental and moral powers; and to mould the children as worthy citizens of the country. In order to fulfill this aim the school endeavors to impart an integral education – spiritual mental, moral, social, cultural and physical – to all the students studying in this prestigious institution.

The school also strives to achieve the highest possible development of the total man by imparting sound education, irrespective of class, caste or creed. So the school shall hold the decree passed in the II Vatican Council as its main guidelines “All men of whatever race, condition and age, in virtue of their dignity or human persons have an inalienable right to an education corresponding to their proper background and destiny and suited to their nature, talents, sex, cultural background and ancestral heritage. At the same time this education should pave the way to brotherly association with other peoples, so that genuine unity and peace on earth may be promoted. For, a true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate goal and simultaneously with respect to the good of those societies of which as man, he is a member, and in whose responsibilities as an adult he will share”.

This institution so established shall discharge its duties as to develop able leadership, good character and loyal citizenship by means of sound, spiritual and formal educational activities.