General Discipline

1. For the smooth running of the school, our primary concern and special attention is to ensure a high standard of morality, punctuality and discipline among the students.
2. Pupils must show gentleness and courtesy to the companions. Refined manners, uprightness and self restraint should distinguish every student of this school.
3. Personal cleanliness in one’s whole personality is expected. The uniform must be clean and neatly pressed, shoes well polished, finger nails pared and hair combed. School uniform is compulsory on all working days and at the school function even for special classes. Wearing gold ornaments is not advisable. No student is permitted to bring neither mobile phone nor two-wheelers other that cycle.
4. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Each article should be marked with one’s name and roll number. It is not advisable for the pupil to bring money or other valuables to the school. Any theft (books, valuable s, water bottles etc.) when found out, the responsible ones will be severely penalised.
5. No extra books, news paper or periodicals, CDs, Pendrives, mobiles, any other electronic gadgets be brought within the school premises without the Principal’s permission.
6. It is the duty of the pupils to see that the school premises are kept clean and tidy.
7. Every pupil must take part in the school’s house competitions, sports, games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal.
8. Parents or visitors are not allowed to interview pupils or teachers during school hours. The children are called home on account of some emergency, the parent should come to take the child with a written application.
9. Roaming, playing or shouting inside the school building is prohibited. No pupil shall enter rooms other than that of his/ her own class room without permission.
10. Students must speak only English at least in school campus. Those who deliberately violate the language rule will be bound by disciplinary action or fined by class teacher/Principal.
11. Students should at all cost avoid throwing paper or fruit peels anywhere in the school premises. They have to refrain from writing, carving and scratching on walls and furniture. Those who do these will be heavily fined.
12. Pupil may also be asked to pay certain extra collections which may be demanded appropriately, for instance school day and other celebrations and even for any noble social cause.
13. Any damage to school property will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal regarding the amount fined is final.
14. Not student suffering from a contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to attend the school. After recovery, a medical certificate is to be submitted to the Principal.
15. Before annual exams, all dues must be cleared.
16. The final result will not be issued until all the dues have been paid in full.
17. Every pupil must have a copy of the school hand book and it should be brought to school daily. It is subject to suspense check by the Principal or any of his representatives at any time.
18. The Principal’s permission is required.
a. To make a fund/collection for any purpose whatsoever.
b. To arrange for a party, picnic or meeting.
c. To join a sports event or to participate in a game not arranged by the school.
d. To give present to teachers or to arrange stage programmes in their honours.
e. To arrange for private tuition from the school teacher.
19. No students should remain in the class during the school assembly, PT or games period unless permitted by the Principal.
20. Students who will be selected to represent the school in any event outside the state, with Principal’s sanction, will have to bear 50% of total expenses incurred.