Head Boy Message

A warm greetings to all. I feel short of words to express my emotions, my gratitude for the opportunity I have received to be the Head Boy of the school. I extent my sincere thanks to the principal and teachers who inculcated such capabilities in me that I feel confident to be able to discharge my duties and responsibilities as the head boy.

As a loyal Head boy I asked to accomplish all his duties atmost sincerity and determination. I ought to do the same. I would not make any fake promises because I believe that I will do then prove, rather we will do then prove. We will walk together and those dreams reality, to take our school to great hights. At this moment, I am filled with enthusiasm to begin this fantastic new journey and it would be successful only with your valuable support and God’s blessings.

Let’s take our school to greater heights of success.
Thank You

Abhishek Kumar Pandey
Head Boy (2019-20)